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Business Productivity: What is it and how is it calculated?

business productivity

The concept of productivity is far less vague than you might think. In essence and as a definition, it is the product parts that you have created for your company. If everyone knows that the business productivity depends on many factors, few are those who know the methods to calculate it. The productivity of a business is fed by simple actions, but targeted. The higher the productivity of a company, the greater the benefits for members and for employees. Industry experts agree that the first step to increase the competitiveness of a company is to optimize Human Resources.

Gruppo La Meridiana, as a leader in the outsourcing services in Italy, aims to offer to its customers the best solutions to increase productivity. It does so mainly through the management of staff. Productivity and success go hand in hand. And our working methods are specifically designed to achieve the goal of balance and growth.

Business productivity: the magic formula for success

Gurus of business management base their strategies on a formula that, at first glance, it might cause confusion. In detail, we refer to the theory that P = T * S * N * W * R * Q *J.

Where P, of course, is for business productivity, while the other letters, specifically, have the meaning of:

  • T: is the type of company or the sector in which it operates.
  • S: indicates the“skills”of the staff. Or operators kills. It is one of the defining elements.
  • N: indicates the optimal number of employees in the company, in relation to the actual number.
  • W: is meant by this letter Wellnessclerk.Or the well-being of staff.
  • R: this is the region in which the company operates.
  • Q: it is quality, to evaluate not only what company produces, but how.
  • J: this is the wild card factor, which may correspond to a number of extra elements that are still to affect business productivity.

Human Resources: the engine of a company

As mentioned above, the increase in productivity depends primarily on the optimization of resources. In particular the management of staff.

Thanks to a better organization of the staff, you can be given to each the right tasks. And thus stimulate everyone to give their best. It is a change that will certainly motivate even more employees. With attached advantages in favor above all productivity.

The optimization of human resources is associated with the management of interpersonal relationships between employees. A peaceful environment is a much more productive environment.

Our experience leads us to recommend to our partners to enter in wildcard factor all possible contingencies. The readiness in emergencies is a safety. In order to protect the business productivity and does not affect it because of mishaps.

The Outsourcing is no longer just synonymous with cost reduction. The Outsourcing is the easiest way for the growth and stability.

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